Front end floating


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We have a 2020 Tahoe with factory tow package. We just purchased a 2019 Forest River Wildwood FXS 280rt. Also have a weigh distribution hitch with sway bars. Bringing it home and we are having front end floating. The seller mentioned to Google the settings of the hitch for our vehicle. Any other suggestions?


define front end floating.
How much does the wdh raise the truck? Measure truck bumper with no trailer, measure with trailer, measure with wdh engaged.
If the front end is light then something is pushing down the rear to make the front end go up. Seems it would be the trailer doing this and that the wdh is not doing much at the current setting.
Is your trailer loaded too much in front of the axles? Trailer itself needs to be balanced. Tongue weight is critical.

Also, a factory tow package really means nothing. You get a 7-pin plug and an installed receiver hitch. Nothing else about the Tahoe is different.


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First thank you for your reply. I just wrote a whole long thing to you and it disappeared LOL. Anyways we have the problem situated he had that hitch set up for his Ford truck and tried to set it up for ours in the dark which didn't work