Front Jacks

We have a Cardinal from Forest River that has had some and continues to have problems. From reading other posts I can see this is not unusual, but since this is a new RV we can't get rid of it yet. My question is this: my husband was putting down the front jacks and they just quit working. Is there a fuse or something somewhere besides the main panel. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

DL Rupper

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Re: Front Jacks

The jacks work off 12 V battery power, so you need to start looking at your 12 V fuses. Hope it's not the electric jack motor. I've been told not to say bad things about FR, so I hope it isn't too serious of a problem. Do you have a back up manual crank for the jacks?
Re: Front Jacks

There should be a manual handle, but also a fuse near the battery for the jack motor. It could also be a bad switch or motor. Hopefully something simlpe.