Frozen Grey Tank

Help! My grey tank is frozen rock solid. It is freezing here in NJ and I don't have a heated storage facility. :(
I put anti feeze in it but it was already too late. I can't even get the line open.
Stay warm my friends.
Frozen Grey Tank

I would take it to a RV garage or some garage where you could get it in that has heat. I know the kind of weather you are having because we are having the same here in WV. Last night 8 below zero and the wind chill was 20 below zero. A heat lamp would not do the job in that kind of weather. The sooner you get it in where there is heat the better it will be for you.
Good Luck,
Frozen Grey Tank

Thanks for the quick replies. I'll get on the phone in the AM and see if anyone will rent space for a day. I work out of this truck so storing for the season is not an option. I am looking into putting some kind of heating element in the grey tank for the future. Isn't winter fun. :dead:
Frozen Grey Tank

grangers sells a strip heating element that you can plug into the wall,they make them for heating 55 gallon barrels,you could wrap it around your tank,also rock salt will melt what ever ice thats in your tank till you can get some heat on it,if the ice expands an has no where to go,it will bust the seams on your tank or pipes.dont plan on comming to florida anytime soon,its below 50 here now.
Frozen Grey Tank

Hello Tammi, What I use in my tanks ( I to live in NJ Keyport area) is wind shield washer fluid ( about 99 cents a gallon ) pour about 5 gallons down there ( after you thaw out and empty the tank ) It will only slush up but not freeze. The more water you put in the more windshield fluid you use.I take it you must dump your tanks alot with the buisness your in. I don't know if your home has a cleanout for your sewer line in your house. If it does find it and get enough hose to reach it. Dump your tanks in there to avoid this problem again. (just a thought)I hope this help you. Rich B.
Frozen Grey Tank

Thanks so much!
Where is Keyport??? I've never heard of it.
I am calling around and trying to find a place to let me store for the day.
And yeah, I dump my tanks 1-3 times a day, depending on the weather. :(
Frozen Grey Tank

It is supposed to be 34 here tomorrow, hopefully just warm enough enough to thaw the tank.
I called several RV supply stores and they can sell me some kind of heating element that runs off 110 or 12v. It is around $200. Does anyone have something like this? I don't mind paying for it, but I want to make sure he isn't taking me for a ride. :blackeye: Thanks
Frozen Grey Tank

Hello Tammi, Keyport is 10 miles east of sandy hook state park exit 117 on GSP. I called your service but only got a message. I hope you got some help. I am working on my RV but inside with the heat on. Hope everything is OK. Rich B.
Frozen Grey Tank

Tammi,I visited your site, sounds like a great business. What size motorhome do you have? Sounds like the heater would be a good investment for you since you are always useing the tanks. If you had to use an anti-freeze, you would go through too much of it. I assume you use the generator during service and a heater wouldn't tax your battery. I'm in PA, wish you were closer, as my dog hates to get his nails cut.
Frozen Grey Tank

Rich B, I just checked my machine. Thanks so much for the call! I really appreciate it! :laugh:
My MH is 22 ft. I would rather have a had a smaller one but I looked for a year and found NADA!
I have an Onan MicroLight 2800 gen. I use that when I turn on my dryers/clippers/vaccuum (about 19 amps total) The problem is I won't be able to run my ac and dryers at the same time.
I am looking into inverters for the spring. Then I can use my gen for backup if I need it. My gen, much like myself, is cranky in the cold.
My heat/hot water are propane, no problems so far in that department.
Frozen Grey Tank

ok pictures...I can't get them to upload so I signed up for Album name is MobilePetSpa
Let me know what you think!
BTW, the interior is all FRP. My husband and I did it. He's a professional carpenter.