Ft. Edward, NY

Hello All!

Happy Spring!! :) Finally!! :cool:

Anybody out there familiar with the Ft. Edward/Glens Falls area of NY?? The husband has a new job there and we will be moving from Madison, WI to Upstate NY in July.

We would like to duplicate the situation we have here in Madison...we are living in our motorhome in a Mobile Home Park.

Anyone out there know of any Mobile Home Parks in the Ft. Edward/Glens Falls, NY area that allow LONG-TERM (1-3 years)RV residents?

How about some inexpensive campgrounds???

Also, need to know availability of diesel fuel in that area.

Thanks to all who reply!!!
Ft. Edward, NY

Thanks, nyvikings!!

We have found a campground that is open year-round: Saratoga Rv Park in Gansevoort, NY. They have several (a dozen or so) Full-timers who are there all year round...so we won't be alone!

Thanks again for the info, and happy journeys!