[Ernie Ekberg] I received an email today from an individual who thinks we should stop buying fuel from the 2 largest suppliers- Exxon/Mobil. He figures that supply and demand would entice them to lower their prices if nobody is buying their product. Since I carry 265 gallons of diesel in my Bluebird I can make a little difference. How about the rest of us?

[Matt Hill] Seems like the station owners would be harder hit that a trillion dollar corporation. If you factor inflation into the equation, apply economics 101, then call Europe and ask about their prices, gas is still amazingly cheap in this country even at $2/gallon.

[RonS] I got that same email. We leave tomorrow for about six weeks, and I&#039m sure before we get back the fuel prices will be over two bucks. I will guess we will travel about 6000 miles and at 7 MPG I will not be a happy camper. I don&#039t think any type of boycott is going to mean anything, all know we will buy the stuff regardless of price. Ron

[mark c] I agree i hate what they are doing ---- but lets look at the facts. Taking your 6000 mile trip at 7 miles per gal it will cost you 170 more for your trip if fuel goes up .20 per gal I would hope that wouldnt be enough money to make you upset and ruin your trip

[W.D.] I Called Europe. They have extremely high prices over there and very few RV&#039S because the price of gas is out of their budgets.
As long as we stupid americans keep allowing gas prices to rise we will run short on RV&#039s also. No one can afford to drive a lot of miles in one when projected prices in 2002 rises to $3.50 Remember,Gas is in short supply. LOL

[Will] It burns me up when i am told how lucky we are that gas is cheap at the current prices.If it is in short supply why are the major oil companies still exporting? Where are all the oil wells in Europe? In Feb.of 1999 I was paying .89 a gallon and everyone was making money.What has inflation got to do with it?If it was not for taxing the hell out of us and the greed of OPEC it might be that way today.