Fuel (gasoline) problems


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I hope you can help me. I have a 1983 Holiday Rambler Ambassador 26' on a Ford Econoline chassis w/ a 460 ci engine. It has two fuel tanks, front and rear. My problem is that going up hills and on the flat at highway speeds it acts like its running out of gas. If I slow down to about 30 mph it runs fine. Sometimes I have had to pull over to the side of the road and let it idle for a few minutes, and again it runs fine for a few miles and then the same thing starts all over again. It works the same with both tanks except that the rear tank starts to have the problem sooner, I have spent several hundred dollers trying to get this fixed, and all to no avail. Most garages don't want to mess with it, I expect because they have no one familiar with carbureted fuel systems. The vehicle only has 48000 thousand miles on it and is in excellent condition, except for this problem.
Thanks for you help

John Harrelson

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Fuel (gasoline) problems

Hello John,

I had a similar problem with my old 1982 Pace Arrow motorhome and found out it was a combination of a fuel filter (that I did not know about) and the dry rotted rubber hoses on the electric switch-over valve.

The fuel filter was an additional filter that previous owner had installed in the gas line under the RV along side the chassis frame on the passenger side. Cost less that $2 to replace..

The rubber hose cost a little more because you have to use hoses that are designed for use with petroleum products like gas and diesel fuels.

I think the cost for the hoses was something like $5 or $6 ... believe it cost about $1.50 per foot.

That cured my problem...

Hope this helps,

C Nash

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Fuel (gasoline) problems

John, have they checked the pressure and voluum flow. Look for a filter on the chassis and some of the fords also had another filter at the carb. As john said check all rubber hose for dry rot. Have seen coils to cause this but, very rare. Check the coil wire.