Fuel gauge not working


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Hi...just bought a 2004 Monaco Cayman 32 diesel pusher.
It is in mint shape...only 23,000 miles.
One of the few issue is that the fuel gauge is not working.
The seller says that the dealer told him it was because he had used a fuel stabilizer last fall.
The dealer said that "after a couple tanks of new fuel" it will start working again.
Right now it is "pegged" on full.

Does anyone have any advice on this?
Ever heard of it before?

All comments are most appreciated.
Dave Arundel


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Fuel stabilizer, I doubt it. 6 things could do it. Stuck sending unit, stuck gauge. bad sending unit, bad gauge, broken wire or unhooked wire from sending unit to gauge, bad connection at one end or the other. If a stuck gauge or sending unit a couple tanks of fuel over the road might shake it loose. In the mean time just take about the mileage of the odometer then divide by the MPG and keep the tank over a 1/4 full or even better 1/2, still mean a $$$$$ fill.


C Nash

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Pegged on full!!! Just hope it stays there LOL JK. Sounds like it has an open in the wire to the sender to me. Check where it plugs into the sender at the tank if you can get to it. Dogs are bad to chew wires underneath into also. I also doubt the fuel stabilizer would cause this condition.


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