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I've been thinking about getting on the road for some time now, figured that I'd find work to my liking through Workamping or such. But I got an offer today that is kind of hard to pass up. Unlike a few of the people that have posted to this forum I don't wanna retire but I do want to cut down on all the STUFF.

The job offer would have me working an area from Oxnard to San Diego, CA with lot's of driving from boat yard to boat yard.

I did a Search on Woodalls for RV parks within a 25 mile radius of Garden Grove which is just about in the middle of the territory and wasn't too encouraged by finding only one, a KOA that allowed extended stays. I'm thinking two years perhaps.

So... my question is; does anyone know if there are parks in that general area that allow long stays?
Full time residence

Just give it some time someone will help with your question . meanwhile If your talking about 2 years you should find someplace that has a seasonal rate that will allow year round stays . LEE
Full time residence

Thanks Lee,

I parked in a really neat place in El Cajon east of San Diego a few years ago and would go there again but it's too far away from the north end of the territory.

Orange county seems to be centrally located. I'm sure there is something available but it does take time to get into the local knowledge about a new area.
Full time residence

You can try a search on GOOGLE and type in RV park in orange county ,CA that brought up 11 parks and gives you names and phone # and highlights to click on LEE