Full time trailers?

hi, new to the forum, and i am sure this has been asked before, but are there any trailers built/designed for a couple to full time in? by this, i mean are there any trailers with more storage, more hanging space, more drawers, better quality, and designed for 2 people?

my wife and i are planning to sell our house and start full timing. we have been to a couple of rv shows and several dealers and have been generally disappointed in what we saw. most of the trailers have very little hanging space and even fewer drawers. usually the quality/materials are poor and probably wouldn't last 5 years full timing. most of them sleep 6-8 and seat 10. we are looking for a quality trailer designed for 2.

we have read several books/magazines on rvs and full timing, but would appreciate any advice/suggestions on where to look for more info on buying and full timing.



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Full time trailers?

Not only that, but some trailers specifically are NOT for full timing and will void your warrenty if you stay in them more than 'x' months per year. But there are (or at least were) some out there.

Do you have any RVing experiance? It might be a good idea to actually try some shorter trips before 'committing' to the lifestyle.


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Full time trailers?

Welcome to the forum. Glad your getting back into the RV world.....nothing like it. Sounds like you need to maybe look at Class A's or Class C's if you want to full time. Class C's, are a little easier to move around in....go to store, etc., if your not pulling a vehicle with it. Class A, I would suggest pulling a vehicle for running around after your settled in a site.
I live in a Class A for approximately 5-6 months per year. It is old (31 ft, 89 Chieftain), with no slides (really would like some), but wife, dog, cat and I enjoy it. We pull a small Honda and it works out just great. got a really good deal when we bought it two years ago...it only had 5,800 miles on it....now only 11,000, so just getting it broken it.
Enjoy and don't rush into your purchase....do your homework.
Regards.. ;) :cool: :laugh: :)
Full time trailers?

Hello Beachcomer,

Arly'n'I have been fulltiming for 5 years. In Dec '03 we sold our motorhome (40ft pusher, single slide) and went to a Holiday Rambler, Presidential TT, model 34SKD, double slide. It is clearly designed for a couple fulltiming. It is W/D ready, built-in safe, built-in vacuum and great workmanship and quality. We would sure recommend it and like it much better than the motorhome concept.

Good luck
Full time trailers?

We're also in the market for a fulltimer 5'er and have found several good ones made especially for fulltiming. They're not cheap ones but do have lots of amenities for fulltiming. Nu-Wa, Travel Supreme, and Newmar top our list. You'll find lots of manufacturers out there and lots of models but the quality is not intended for fulltiming just weekend camping. The three I've listed have artic packages and are well built. They all three have websites that you can visit to see their products. Good luck in your search.
Full time trailers?


Like the last poster, I also recomend Newmar, and Travel Supreme. You will also want to consider Teton, King of the Road, Excel, Nu-Way(Hitchiker).

We have a Newmar and have been fulltimming for 4 years now and love our Kountry Star 35LKSA.

Some brands like Montana, which is a very popular trailer, but a mid range, does in fact void your warrinty if they find out you full time in it.

Consider the artic option. It will help both in hot and cold climates. Out next rig will probably be a Travel Supreme. I have been thru the Hitchiker, Newmar, and Travel Supreme factorys. Both Newmar and Travel Supreme are excellent, but TS has some neat features that Newmar does not have.

What ever you decide on, WEIGH IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT.... It MUST have at least 3,000 lbs of net carrying capacity. It SHOULD/MUST have enough brakes to stop it's GVWR weight.

Keep shopping. Also you might look at the Escapees RV Club site, escapees.com Lots of fulltimmers there and years of experience.

Full time trailers?

quote:Some brands like Montana, which is a very popular trailer, but a mid range, does in fact void your warrinty if they find out you full time in it.

Jim@pocketmail, Where in gods name did you come up with that?? I have been fulltiming in my Montana for a number of years. Montana does not void any warranty if used for fulltiming. Pay a visit to the Montana Owners web site and speak to many fulltimers for first hand info.

Full time trailers?

I do not believe there is any such a full time or part time RV or such a thing as a high end or a low end RV...

If you continue to read the discussions on these RV forums (there are over a dozen) you will find every brand and type of RV being praised by one person and cursed by another.

No matter how "good" a certain brand of RV is, there will always be a lemon in the production line somewhere..

I believe it's not the name of the RV that counts,,, it's the name of the dealer...

If the dealer has a good name and reputation for taking care of it's customers then you have found the right RV to buy.

I have owned several "brands" of RVs and had good luck with all of them. Fleetwood, Pace Arrow, Prairie Schooner, Ideal, etc:::

And I have ALWAYS lived Full time in each of them.

Any trailer is as much a "Full timer's trailer" as any other name on the market.

Besides.... only an idiot would tell the manufacturer that it's being lived in full time..

I presently live full-time in my 30.5 foot Prowler 5th wheel and am happy as a clam... Bought it two summers ago and have had absolutely no problems with it at all..

So,, look for a reliable dealer and don't worry about the brand name so much... happy RVing,



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Full time trailers?


quote:Jim@pocketmail, Where in gods name did you come up with that??

While I don't know about the Montana, if you read the warranty of many makes of RV, the disclaimer on the warranty is there for many of them. I have read it for several Fleetwood products and seen that in the warranty and it at least used to be there for Jayco. I do not know of any case where either had used it to avoid a repair, but it was there. Of course, that disclaimer only applies to things built by the manufacturer and has on effect on the appliances and such since each of those have their own warranty. To have that become an issue you would have to need some major repair to the box or chassis or the RV that was manufactured by the builder and not an installed appliance or equipment.
Full time trailers?

Kirk, I am very well aware that some brands will void warranties for rigs used by fulltimers.

I was taking exception to Jim@pocketmail's statement "Some brands like Montana, which is a very popular trailer, but a mid range, does in fact void your warrinty if they find out you full time in it.

As a fulltimer and doing it in a Montana, I do know about the Montana and not only that Montana knows I fulltime in one of their units.