Full-timers Banking/Bill Paying?

How are all you full-timers handling your banking and bill paying? As an Rv-er, Boater and accountant I have both a personal and business interest in how this is handled. First, we may go full-time in a few years (provided I can convince the wife). And, second, I was thinking about expanding my accounting practice to provide specialized services to full-time RV-ers. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Full-timers Banking/Bill Paying?

Via telephone....

Internet banking assumes a working computer, a phone line, a ISP available. Just using a telephone keeps it simple. Full timers don't have many bills. The cell phone is billed to a dedicated credit card. All the credit card statement info is available by a toll free phone call.

Insurance, taxes, licences are all renewed when we return to our "state" of residence every year.
Full-timers Banking/Bill Paying?

We are in the process of going full-time at the end of the year. Also we are in the process of changing all of our banking over to Bank of Internet USA, located in San Diego CA. After careful research we found there services and rates the best out there in cyber-banking land. 24 bank by phone, website banking etc. Very nice folks. Also ATM rebates.


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Full-timers Banking/Bill Paying?

Hi! Beancounter, We are not full timers just RVers,who are retired, but I pay most of my bills over the internet with Bill Payer thru my bank(US Bank) at no charge or have a lot of things charged to credit cards then pay just one or two bills via internet direct to credit card company. I just purchased a new laptop, because most good campgrounds have internet hookup at least KOA's do, and we winter South, so this next year I'll be paying all my bills on the internet. It is not difficult if I can learn anyone can.


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Full-timers Banking/Bill Paying?

We have been fulltimers for the past four years. We do several things to solve the problem. First, all of our monthly bills that are always the same amount are put on an automatic payment plan that goes to our bank each month and we enter the payment at the same date each month. For our day to day expenses we just pay with a bank card and enter it as though we had used a check. And we have on-line access to the account to keep track of it. For cash, we just use the cash-back option when at a store using the bank card. That is now so common that we have not been to an ATM in more than two years. We do use a credit card for a few things and we have access to that bill via the internet so if our mail forwarding service should be slow in getting the bill to us, we just check it on-line. With today's bank cards it is very easy.