Full Timers from Eastern Ontario!

I would like to exchange information, experiences, problems, or anything of interest to Canadians who presently full time or who intend to full time.

Topics of interest: permanent address, where to receive mail while away in the winter, filing income tax returns, and so on.

Many issues are much easier for Americans than they are Canadians, it would be interesting if we could and would share what is already being done by Canadians in these respects.

I intend to full time eventually, today I became the owner of my first 5th wheel. Looking forward to the experience.

Have a Great Day!!!
Full Timers from Eastern Ontario!

Either no Canadians read this forum or they are too shy to reply. If you are the later, I have researched the topic of principal residence and will share my findings with all concerned.
I was concerned about using my trailer as my principal residence and found out by reading Interpretation Bulletin No. 120R5 that it is quite ok to do so. Read IT-120R5 at the following site and you will also see that for Income Tax purposes you are legal using your trailer wherever it is to declare principal residence.
I would like you to share your comments.



Have a Great Day!!!