Full-timing off the grid (boondocking)


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Hello Vassock and Welcome to the forum!

That is a sweet looking rig you are asking about. We have a Jayco Greyhawk 28QB Sport, but I must say we have not been totally pleased with this unit. We have experienced many, many problems with our new RV and the main thing being a shower leak. It took 3 times to correct the leak and unless you have a Jayco Authorized Rep in your area, be prepared to drive. We had reversed kitchen sink faucets that also took 3 tries to get it right, a bathroom door that is warped and CANNOT be replaced because Jayco couldn't figure out how to send the RIGHT door...

Our grey water tank fell out from underneath the RV, while sitting STILL. It seems they don't strap the grey unit under the RV, it just "sits on a lip"...not the safest method. Thank goodness it did not fall out while on the road.

The last major thing we have discovered is that on the outside, just above the stove vent, there is a square area just above the actual vent, that is cracking and curiously, it is the SAME size as the vent. Seems they screwed up and cut the vent wrong, now we can see it but the unit is OUT of warranty. Yes, we can pay the $250 dedcutible to see about having it repaired, but another 50 mile trip to the repair facility and maybe having Jayco approve it...

Sadly, we thought this would be our full-time rig one day but it looks like we will have to go see Ken @ Grandview Trailer Sales to get a unit that is worthy of full-timing when the time gets near...

You can definitely stay in state and national parks, but not full-time. They will only let you stay a certain number of days. There are areas that you can boondock and I know the BLM has many places that you can stay for longer lengths of time.

Now with all of that said, please post back and let us all know what you decided on. GOOD LUCK! :eek:


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I thought about it some more and read about Jayco owners who had similar problems. So I decided to buy used instead and will do so when it becomes necessary. Used trailers are much cheaper and can be of higher quality. You also get to see how well the trailer holds up to use instead of just seeing a trailer as it appears brand new. Why pay $1,000 for a shower door that will break in a week when you can pay $1,000 less for an already broken one? Problems that happen while the other guy owns it reduces what you pay for it. Problems that happen while you own it do not. I think the Eagle 27 looks interesting. Not too big and cheaper if you buy used.