Fun RV movie on DVD

My name is Amy and I made a fun, unique film about the former lead singer of the UK group Squeeze called "Glenn Tilbrook: One For The Road". My film follows Glenn, a 44 year old Englishman, around America in his 1988 RV. As all of you may have experienced, we were euphoric whilst shopping/buying the RV...and then it broke down 30 minutes off the lot! Glenn was touring the US and it's just as well since in addition to clubs where he was playing, we visited practically every RV repair shop along the way! But our love for RV'ing never diminished! We loved cooking our own meals and staying at campgrounds and state parks (instead of fancy hotels like most rock stars would.)

Because of my passion for RV'ing and for Glenn's music, (fun, acoustic sweet songs..think similar to the Beatles)I dedicated the last four years of my life to this film and it's been my labor of love. It's coming out on DVD January 24, 2006 and is available for pre order on right now. Many campgrounds and popular RV parks are showcased in the film, as well as many RV disasters! haha I was even on the RV when it accidentally rolled on a mechanic who was fixing it! (he's fine-just had a broken leg.) I'd love it if you guys could visit my website and check out my film.

I hope this isn't considered 'spam' because I truly love RV'ing and am looking for sponsorship for an RV to do a promotional tour for the movie! And my film is about loving what you do and doing what you love and having the freedom to do that, so I think even non music fans would love my film. I'm hoping it will show people that RVing isn't just for retirees! It's for everyone!

Thanks for your time and feel free to email me! I'd love to hear from other RV'ers!

All the best,