furnace issue new to me



i found out that my MH with 2 roof a/c units with heat strips , control the thermostat on the furnace ,, but my thermo is only for the furnace ,, i have the knobs on the a/c unit to select a/c ,, fan and opt heat ,,, but according to Tiffin they are wired into the stat ,, hmmmmm ,, if the heat strips are running ,, and it's above 50 degrees inside,, the furnace won't light ,,,, but i know that the thermostat DOES NOT control the a/c units ,, never have ,, it's manual on the a/c units ,, but i did get a pdf. file from Tiffin ,, and yep that's how it works ,, now for $4.00 they will send me the entire wiring schematic on my coach ,, on a burnt cd ,, well the ck is in the mail ,, just thought this was kinda a wierd case ,, but i have learned from it ;) ;) ;) ;) :) :) :)


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Re: furnace issue new to me

AS long as you are still learning something, then you are alive. Welcome to the school of hard knocks.
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