furnace problems


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We just purchased a 1993 Fleetwood Bounder and seem to have a problem with the bedroom/bathroom furnace as it just blows cold air. The furnace in the main body of the coach works fine and actually provides enough heat to keep the coach comfortable on cool nights but... . Initially the rear blower would not even activate but I changed the thermostat and all seemed fixed until I noticed no heat. Any thought anyone?


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Re: furnace problems

Is it a totally seperate furnace and if so what type of furnace? Have you checked to see if the pilot is lit or lighting if its a seperate furnace? Need more info here.


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Re: furnace problems

On a 93 model the furnace probably is direct ignition and most likely has no pilot. What it sounds like is that the sail switch for some reason is probably not closing. There are several possible things that could cause that to happen, but the sail switch is the culprit in probably 80% of such cases. You can check to see if something is restricting the air flow through the furnace. Common reasons are low voltage to the blower, mud-dobber nests in the flue, an air restriction in the combustion air path or even crushed duct work inside of the RV.

I could give a lot more help if I knew if your furnace was a Suburban or one from Atwood.