Furnace Thermostats

I own a 30ft. Nomad 1995 Trailer and I have intermittent problems with the thermostat in the summer whille running the central air. I want to replace this one with an electronic type. Is this possible? or can I replace it with another standard type.

Thank you in advance
Furnace Thermostats

I would think that you would be able to replace the thermostat with a digital one, depending on what kind you use. Also, have to be careful of voltage spikes and surges; as digital can't usually handle such things.(burnout) Also remember to place it away from the heating vents, to get a more accurate reading.
Furnace Thermostats

A digital thermostat should be fine. Since it is controling 12 volts there should not be any problem with spikes unless you have a bad converter.

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Furnace Thermostats

to all concerned;
DUH!! on me....... I was thinking of A/C!Mr. quadking, rv wizard is correct. My mistake! :)