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I have an atwood propane furnace and was wondering if it is possible to convert it to natural gas or if i can buy a natural gas replacement .


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well first off welcome ,, but if i may ask ,, why do u want to do that ?? If u are gonna live in it permently then i would just have a huge tank of LP set on sight and run a line into the rv ,, but i am not sure if it can be converted ,, never ran into anyone wanting to do that ,, since they are made to be run on 12 volt batteries ,, and on board LP ,, that way u can use it anywhere ,, even when not beng plugged into shore power ,, as long as u have alot of LP ,, and batts are charged ,, but JMO
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Triple E

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Re: Furnace

You would need to contact a propane or natural gas business. Might be as simple as changing from a propane orifice to a natural gas orifice. The plumbing should be the same. May also need to change out the regulator.

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Re: Furnace

I would go with Rod recommendation and have a LP tank located near the TT if I was going to live in it full time.