Gas engine braking


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I have a 1998 Class A 33' Dutch Star with a Chevy gasoline engine. I frequently shift down to let the engine help slow down and/or stop and I try to ensure that doing this doesn't allow the tach to come close to red lining. Do others of you do this and do you feel that doing it will cause any damage or have any negative effect? Thanks.


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Gas engine braking

To downshift to hold you back when descending a long grade is not only a good idea, but the only safe way to do so. You might well overheat your brakes if you do not do so. But I know of no RVer who chooses to downshift just to slow when approaching a stop light or some other reason to stop. That would seem to me to put needless wear on the transmission and engine. I always anticipate stops and allow the rig to coast to a slower speed as I approach a stopping situation, and then use the brake sparingly. The motorhome is not designed to be a high speed start/sudden stop vehicle.