gas line purge for PUP starcraft 1707

Help! I have been foiled by my non-working stove and heater. Some background. I am the original owner of a 2005 model starcraft 1707 w/ stove fridge and furnance all powerable by propane. Last year the heat did not work, nor the stove. But last year we only used it 2 times, once on Memorial day and again at Family camp week, (some else does all the cooking). So this has been a problem for way more than a year.

So, question number one: Since we have used this camper very little, I am sure that I have gas, how do I bleed this thing when I don't see an appearent purge valve? I have what looks like two pressure regulators right at the tank. I have not twisted the appearent pressure adjustment screw. I don't think it would do anything good or bad, i just don't play around with gas line thingys.

I tried to search the forums and struckout on an answer. :shy:

question #2: should I (would you ?) invest in a gas line pressure gauge. :approve:
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Re: gas line purge for PUP starcraft 1707

You would be wise not to fool with the pressure adjustment unless you have a manometer to connect to the gas line at the appliances as the pressure there is very important for good operation and for safety.

The first thing to check is to be sure that you have propane that is in the tank. I would connect up the bottle and then open the gas valve as slowly as possible. Since you have not back pressure in the gas line, opening the gas valve quickly will look to the bottle's safety valve as though a line has been ruptured and it will cause that valve to shut. It may be that is what has happened to you. Open that valve as slowly as you can.

Once you know that there is a propane supply connected, you can verify it by going to the stove-top and first, get one of the long nosed butane lighters and hold the lighted flame next to the burner and then slowly open the gas valve. If air is coming out, you should be able to see the flame of the lighter blow around but not ignite at first. Once the air is vented you should fist see some flicker of ignition, followed by the burner lighting. The stove is the best way to vent air from the lines.

On the furnace, if a pilot model, you will need to go through the same thing with the butane lighter and pushing the pilot knob in until it lights and stays that way. Once it does, it should work. If you have a DSI furnace, about all that you can do is to keep setting it to off and back on repeatedly until the last air vents, or have a helper do that while you hold the lighted butane lighter into the flame area to get things going.

Usually, once both the stove top and the furnace are working the refrigerator will light, but you could have to try it more than once also.
Re: gas line purge for PUP starcraft 1707

When you open your tank valve, do so S L O W L Y, or the safety feature will not release the gas.

To purge your propane lines, the easiest way is to boil a pan of water on your range - allow it to boil for about 5 minutes (you will see various colored flames initially as the air purges).

Then, your water heater will be fairly easy to light - turn knob to Pilot, push down and light pilot (mine's on right rear of heater compartment). Keep holding the button down - maybe for a count of 30 (allowing thermocouple to heat), then turn knob to "on" and it should fire up with no problems.
Re: gas line purge for PUP starcraft 1707

"S L O W L Y!" That is type of info that I felt I was missing. I will try that and the "lighter at the burner" tip tomorrow and let you know how it all goes. I have seen the multi-colored flames before but was not aware what it meant. (and that was a while ago.)

I am fairly sure that I have gas, b/c when I disconect the line at the tank fitting I get a little wiff of gas, and the small pressure releasing hiss sound. Can an "empty" tank do that also? My guess is not. I thought that I should try tapping on the pressure valves to release any sticking inside, but I am not a fan of beating things to make them work. :laugh:

Cheers, Y'all!
Re: gas line purge for PUP starcraft 1707

well, as it turns out, the line was blocked coming from the tank to the regulator. (don't try this at home kids.) I un-hooked my line from the regulator to see if I had gas , and there was no flow. NONE? so, I replaced the line $16. And all seems well now.

Thanks all for the advice, and when I did re-open it, I did hear the valve making noise and the gas rushing though the line to pressurize the system.


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Re: gas line purge for PUP starcraft 1707

It is good to hear that you have things working again. And thanks for returning to let everyone know what it turned out to be as we can all learn from what others experience.