gas milage..

I started looking at diesel, but quit because they are
hard to find, and when you do, they are much more expensive.

I am looking at RVs from the 1990s to early 2000s.

At some point along this line, they went fuel injected?
Or by the 90s were the already fuel injected...

Also, new engines now have the spark coils for each plug
rather than one coil and distributor.

Then, I have been seeing RVs with "lite" in the name. Is this
referring to fuel economy?

Is there such little difference, that I shouldn't consider mpg?
Or is this a significant feature to alter my purchase decision?


C Nash

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Lite gerenally = skimp in meterials. Yes it will = more MPG. The more weight you push down the road yhe less MPG you will get. I would not go diesel just for MPG. Diesels generally will have nore torque and ride better if air ride IMO. They are quiter because the engine is in the rear. Diesels are for a lot of miles. A gasser with proper care will last for as long as the bx will IMO. Diesels are higher cost maintiance IMO. If you are looking used be sure to ck age of tires and batteries. Tires are very expensive and need replacing at least ever 7 to 9 yr regardless of tread left.


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And diesels are usually more expensive because they have better quality in the coaches. They do get a little bit better gas mileage than gas but fuel costs a little bit more suites about a breakeven. Unless you get into the 2010 and later cast coaches then the quality of wood products inside has come up equal to the diesels. Another thing the diesels have is a lot more amenities than what usually come in again cast coach. And as said above the bride is much better because of the air suspension breaking is usually a little better because of the air brakes generators on diesels are normally diesel and will outlast if that would be a problem a gas generator. Towing capacity of the diesel is going to be greater. As you can see I lean towards diesel. The 90s and early 2000's in the gas coaches were in my estimation a bit underpowered but they will get you there. I would not purchase a gas coach with over 50,000 miles on it because a gas engine pulling down hard and early years is only good for 100,000, now I realize there are gas and used it to go above that but you really working that motor hard. And again it all depends on what your family size is and how much you will use the RV high use go diesel little use of gas.