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This question is about the gas oven in my class A. When i light the pilot light it takes a while for it to light but it does stay lit. When i turn the knob to ignite the burner it also takes a while for the burner to fully ignite. When i turn the knob between high and low the flame on the burner doesnt change in intensity it basically stays on high all the time if i do turn it to low and leave it there for a few minutes, the burner will eventually go out. Any info would be appreciated.

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Re: gas oven question

With your particular stove, here's what happens:

You have a dual purpose pilot ... the first mode is a stand by ... this is when the knob is set to on. (or pilot, depending on the model) and the pilot flame is a small always on flame.

When the oven control is turned up, the pilot flame grows bigger and heats up a thermobulb (not thermocouple) which then opens the main gas valve. This process takes about 15 to 30 seconds. The safety valve then allows the main burner to ignight and heat up the oven.

When the thermostat reaches the set temperature the oven control valve shuts off the main burner. As the oven cools and requires more heat, the gas control valve again turns on the burner. There is no high and low flame.

Your oven is operating normally ;)


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Re: gas oven question

RV tech has pretty accurately described the process. There is an additional delay between the lighting of the pilot and the proper operation of the main burner, but I would agree that it sounds as though you oven is operating properly. All modern gas ovens (even the ones in a stick house) today cycle the burner off or on to maintain the temperature that the user sets the front knob to, or as near as the accuracy of the sensor. On many RV versions, if you turn on the main burner too soon after the pilot is lighted, it will blow the pilot out and when that happens you have to start the entire process over.