Gen. runs but no 110 to a/c

Gen. runs just fine and the fuse on it is ok. The brk. seemed kind of week so I will have to get it checked. Any suggestions from any of you guys or gals would sure be helpful. I don't know what else to check.........thanks
Gen. runs but no 110 to a/c

Check the output voltage under load. If it is low then that would cause the load to draw more amps to make the same power. That could explain the breaker that seems weak. And I would think if the voltage was too low the a/c might not power up. All this is assuming your a/c works ok when you are on shore power.


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Gen. runs but no 110 to a/c

Are you sure that the power is transfering to the genset? Have you checked the transfer relay? You have one that does that unless the motorhome has a power plug where you put the cord to connect it to the genset. That relay should transfer all power to the genset when the genset comes up to power. If it does not work, you will never get anything from the genset.