generac generator

Does anyone know where control relays 1 or 2 are located on a np-66g generator. I have no spark and manual suggest changing these's relays out but dang if i can find them. Model number is generac 9206-1. Anyone with this info has to be a generator gooroo any help would be appreciated. Thanks
generac generator

I'm not sure where the relays are located on that model, but all of the service manuals that would be used by a service tech are available at . Just download the PDF for that model and it will show you where the relays are.
generac generator

I have a Generac 10kw fixed unit with 43hrs. It has performed flawlessly for two years and as of yesterday it did not exercise automatically. I looked inside and seen a wire with the insulation burned off. This wire comes out of the main control unit and is attached to the heavy lug and cable that goes to the positive side of the battery. There is a heavy deposit of black soot above the main control unit. The 15amp control fuse is not blown but the unit is for all practical purposes dead. Has anyone had a similar problem? This looks serious, can anyone help me . Thank you for your time and consideration. Joe Luka