Generator Cut Off

I have a Newmar gas coach and I know the onan 7.0 generator has an automatic cut off when the fuel tank reaches a certain point (usually around a quarter of a tank). My question is can that cut off point be adjusted or turned off? My problem is we use the generator while we are running and it's very frustrating to have to pull up for gas with about 1/2 to 3/8's of a tank of gas still in the coach because the generator has shut down. I understand why it has a cut off to avoid running out of gas while dry camping but we hardly ever put ourselves in that position and really would like to see the reserve shut off closer to an 1/8th of a tank.

Any thoughts?
Generator Cut Off

The cut-off point varies for different models and makes. Best bet is to call Newmar service department. Be sure to have ALL your coach data available when you call.....year, model, VID and coach serial no.
Good luck!

Gary B

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Generator Cut Off

Hi Terry, as posted you can check with the mfg, but on 99% of the installations the pickup tube for the generator fuel line is placed up high on the main fuel tank at about the 1/4 tank level, thus there really isn't and easy way to adjust it, short of removing the fuel tank, removing the gen fuel pickup and lengthing it and reinstalling all the componets. :) :cool: :approve:
Generator Cut Off

Thanks for the info........I was afraid you were going to tell me this. I was hoping it might have been a electrical pick up from the fuel tank that I could just re-dial in but what you said makes sense.

I'll check with Newmar but short of a total overhaul it doesn't sound like it's going to be an easy fix.