Generator fuel line

I'm pretty sure the fuel line to the generator is cracked and leaking air up near where it connects to the main tank.
Of course it's unreachable without dropping the tank.
Is there a way around this ?
Can I tap into the fuel line going to the engine. I suppose that would take a brass tee etc.
Would this cause a problem for the main vehicle engine getting it's share of fuel ? Pressure loss, etc. ?
I would never run the engine and the generator at the same time.
Thanks in advance.
Re: Generator fuel line

Generator fuel lines are set at approx 1/4 tank mark so the engine has fuel but the generator cuts off to preserve the fuel for the engine. That way the generator will not run your tank empty when you are parked.

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Re: Generator fuel line

Surveyor, why don't you just do it the way it was designed? That way if for some reason there is a problem later or for the next guy, you won't be the one that "did the rigging up" that cause it.

There's a lot of engineering that goes into gasoline supply lines. You might miss a real important issue.

Just my opinion.

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Re: Generator fuel line

Don't know which rv you have but the fuel pump for the engine is most likely in the fuel tank so the gen could not get the fuel anyway unless the pump was running. Do as other have said bite the bullet and drop the tank if you have to. Should not be a big problem if you run the tank down low or drain. Probably could use a board and jack and just lower enough to get to the line w/o drooping all the way and disconnecting everything.