generator shutting off

:( Our generator on our 97 Damon Intruder shuts off when we go around the corner and turns back on after a few minutes. It does it w/2/3'rds in the gas tank. Anyone else w/that problem or is there something I need to look at repairing?


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Re: generator shutting off

Does it have any kind of error code? Mine has a blinking light on the control panel which blinks a code to tell why it is unhappy.

If not, check the oil first (most have a shut off switch if it thinks the oil is low). Next check the coolant and if you can borrow one of those infrared thermometers, the temperature when it shuts down (some have a high temp shutoff).
Re: generator shutting off

sounds like low oil sensor is shutting down the genset. Does your coach sway excessively when you corner? If it does you may need to insall some Firestone Ride Rites.

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RE: generator shutting off

Way back when we had carburetors in our automobiles, a bad or poorly adjusted carb float would cause the gas flow to shut off when the car went around the corner. Just a thought. :bleh:
Re: generator shutting off

I had a gen set on my boat (Shrimp trawler) and during a rolling sea, the gen set would trip out. I thought it was the carb bu found it to be the low oil level switch easiest way to check is when you make a sharp turn and it shuts down, disconnect the switch and go around the same turn again. If it doesn't shutdown you know where the problem is, if it does shutdown looky else where


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Re: generator shutting off

I would suspect an oil shut down, but it makes a difference in which make of genset you have? Is it an Onan, Generac, or............?