Generator voltage regulator


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I fired up my generator after several months and it over-volted because the voltage regulator failed. It got the circuit board in the Sharp Convection/Microwave and a fuse in the VCR/DVD. Parts were not available to fix the Sharp (my wife just loves the new 2006 model). From now on I am going to flip the AC breakers (except MAIN) before starting the generator. Then if the voltmeter shows 120V I'll know all is well.

I hope this post may save someone else from an over-volting generator.

DL Rupper

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Re: Generator voltage regulator

What brand of generator? I use individual surge protectors on my TV and Fridge, but that leaves my Microwave and Thermistat power board unprotectected. How many volts AC does a generator put out when not regulated? :(