Generator What Size

Is there anyone out there using a single Honda EU 2000 generator? I do not need to run AC, as most nights in the Canadian Rockies where I camp are COLD enough. AC aside, will a 2000 WATT generator meet most power requirements (changing batteries, running the coffee maker in the morning, etc).

I am trying to decide between the EU3000 and the EU2000. If the 2000 will meet most (all) of my needs, it sure would be easier to store and handle.

Your advise and experience would be most appreciated.


Generator What Size

I have one and it will run everything including the microwave and coffee pot although not all at the same time. If you don't need the AC the 2000 should meet your needs.
Generator What Size


Thanks for the info. I bought an EU2000, and put it through its paces today. The test drive went well. As you said, I can run everything except for the AC. Sure is a nice unit, easy to store and move around.

Happy camping!!