I'm in the market for a generator. I seen on the internet a 'KIPOR' brand generator that decimal ratings are similar to Honda's. Wondering if anyone has an opinion on this brand. Was going to buy a Honda 2000U, which I know is a good generator but when I came across this brand thought I'd ask the experts... thanks

I'm new to self-contained camping. Just moved up from a pop-up to a travel trailer. Like it so far.

On another forum I go to, the few that have bought them are very happy. If I was going to buy a sinemaster KGE1000Ti inverter generator, I would buy it from Harbor freight, they are selling them for $399, somebody has them on e-Bay for $399, plus $35 shipping, as far as the Sinemaster KGE2000Ti the best price I can find is $749 with free shipping at generator outlet, but if I ever thought I would want to pararllel to a second generator, you have to go with a honda, Kipor has the KGE2000Tc camping mate that specs out the same as the sinemaster, but it is not a inverter generator, but it also has smart-throtle like the sinemaster, and it sells for $649 also at generator outlet, If you want to run the air, and it is 11,000 btu or smaller AC, the kipor camping-mate KGE3000Tc would work, but if it is a 13,500 btu AC, You should go with the Kipor camping-mate KGE3500Tc or the Kipor Sinemaster KGE3500Ti. Below is a link to Generator outlet.

Thanks for the advise. I've been curious on the various postings and your response to the size if I'm going to run the air. My dad has the honda 2000 and I can run the air with it. Do you know if that will harm the air conditioner. I'm certain I have the 13,500btu air compressor.

I don't anticipate using the generator for air very often but certainly there will be times I'd want to.

Thanks again

In response to your question bout using the A/C with the Honda 2000 generator:
If it will start the compressor, that is a good sign. The next thing to do is check the voltage output with the unit running. It must be within + or - 10% of what the A/C unit calls for.
Remember also that the A/C will draw more current in hot weather. I have worked on central units that were under wired (wires and circuit breakers too small) and they would start and run just fine at 75 degrees, but at noon when the mercury headed for 85+, they wouldn't restart. A test run on a 75 degree day will not tell the whole story.