looking to by generator for 5 th wheel (generac extended life 4000 xle) anyone know if this is sufficient to run trailer or should i go larger.. also how is the noise .. surge wattage is 6600..

ed hall

Gary B

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Hi Halls, 4000 watts should be good, the generac's tend to be louder than the Honda's or Yamahas, but seem to be a fair generator. Happy trails GB

Dometic (Duo-Therm) recommends 2500w for a 11000 btu A/C,3500w for a 13500,and 5000 for 2 A/c units.If yours is a 13500,you may have problems trying to run a M/W at the same time,but it should be alright otherwise with the 4000.


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The Generac 4000xl (sears ) is a good unit ,,very long life ,,has Iron cylinder,,Small Hondas have aluminum cylinders ,,short life...Irv

The FMCA magazine had a very good article about soundproofing generators. Believe it was in a late spring issue. Perhaps you can do a search on their web site.

Stop the Press! I just bought a 4000EXL at the Home Depot, The 4000exl is the one with the electric start, For $690.00! We had a Honda 2000i but it got stolen :disapprove: , The Generac is a fine Generator, not as quiet as a Honda 2000i but it will power everything you need to power on your Trailer! The spec's on it is as follows: Maximum Surge Watts 6600, Continuous Watts 4000, the run time is long, and it has a auto idle control.
The way I look at it is this we had a quiet generator and whenever we were camped at a park all around us we heard the sounds of loud Generators humming away! Why spend the extra money for a super quiet generator when noone else is conciderate enough to worry about the noise of thier generators. Why spend the extra money on a generator that will not power everything you need to power!

I maybe bitter I know but that is the way I see it!


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New option! Yamaha just came out with a new line of quiet generators to compete with the Hondas. EF3000iSE is essentially the same as the Honda 3000EU, a little heavier but with the option of remote starting. EF3000iSE-B has an additional feature of particular interest to RVers - the starting battery helps provide a boost of power for a few seconds, to get that stubborn AC started. This gives you up to 10 seconds of 3500 watts. These aren't in great supply yet, so street price is only down to $1900, but most places offer free shipping on it, so it is not totally prohibitive in cost.