Generators - RV and Portable

Generators - RV and Portable


I currently have 1248 hours on my Honda Generator. It's a Model: EM3500SXK1, heavy duty. Other features include the following:

1) Automatic Voltage Regulator
2) 4 Stroke - OHV engine
3) Simultaneous AC/DC use
4) Volt meter
5) Fuel meter
6) 2-wheel and hangar kits installed
7) 8HP - air-cooled
8) 242cc displacement
9) 120/240V 3500W max (29.2/14.6A)
10) DC output - 12V, 100W (8.3A)
11) Starting system - recoil electric
12) Fuel capacity - 4.5 gallons (8.7 hours approx)
13) Noise level - 68 dB
14) Dry weight - 153 lbs.

Other options available, but not used:

1) Battery tray kit
2) Remote control kit
Generators - RV and Portable

Just got a honda EU2000I. Wow, great little machine. Will start my rooftop air with the "eco-throttle" setting off. Also will run microwave and everything else, just not at same time. Quiet, portable, but not all that cheap. But, I believe HONDA is worth it, and look for many years of use out of the little red magic electric maker.....

2004 GMC 2500HD Duramax with Banks Six-Gun
2001 30ft Nomad
RCA Satellite
Phillips Surround Sound

**Yeah, I'm roughing it!!!!
Generators - RV and Portable

I have a 2005 GMC 2500 HD Duramax and I want to look into getting an additional Alternator so I can used the truck engine as my Generator for power when I am on worksites. I do not need to weld, but just be able to run a compressor, carpet seaming iron, vacuum, charger, ECT... I wonder how expensive this can get and how the convenience of this stacks up with the cost of a generator and another tool (Generator) to haul around. :question:

C Nash

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Generators - RV and Portable

If I understand the question I don't think you would find an alternator that would supply the needed power. I have seen them power a light or small drill. Get the generator. (JMO)
Generators - RV and Portable

I have one of those Wally world generators and it will run everything I have but it is very noisy, I would never buy another one of those.
I have heard that the altenators or generators that are in the ambulances are very powerfull and will run small applinces and construction equiptment such as drills and power saws, but I don't know that for a fact just something I have heard.Later Jim :)
Generators - RV and Portable

I heard of ambulances too. But this Real Power seems to be the cats meow! I wonder what the cost is for that? Maybe $1500?
Generators - RV and Portable

Well after reading this
"GM Duramax Diesel Vehicles with Pickup Beds built before March 1, 2004 are equipped with a PTO gear. After March, 2004, GM pickup trucks do not have a PTO gear."

I guess I can forget about this as an option. I would have paid for it too. WTHell....Did I wait to long ot buy a truck or what. On the 2005's they also took the Instant MPG read out away.
Generators - RV and Portable

I have a Honda EU3000. It will run everything in our trailer with no problems. When I purchased it, we had a 29' Fifth Wheel with 15k Coleman AC. I ran the AC, TV, radio, refer, water heater all at once as a test. The Honda just purred along, on econo throttle.
Our new trailer has all the same, but with a Dometic AC. Every now and then, the AC startup will kick the generator if it is on econo throttle. If off econo, everything is fine. My guess is, the Dometic has a higher amp. draw on startup.