Generators where to put


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I recently purchased a Honda EU 3000 generator. Unfortunately it will not fit in the storage compartment of my Frontier FT225 travel trailer. Is it ok to transport the generator inside the trailer? I am pulling the trailer with a Yukon, so putting it in the tow vehicle is not really an option.

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Generators where to put

Even it it 'fit',wrestling that sucker in and out would be a nightmare. I heard of one guy who cut a hole in the bottom of the compartment, and winches it up and down...

I imagine it would be a chore, and a pain, to carry it in the trailer (that narrow entry door). Why not carry it in the tow vehicle? If fumes are your concern, you could build a 'sealed' box, with hose to vent to the outside. Otherwise, your options would be to see if you could mount it on the trailer toungue, or a rack on the back of the trailer, or a rack on the front of the truck.

If none of those work, I guess you could aways trade it for 2 EU2000...