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Have recently purchased 19 ft Wilderness with AC. Need information about how to run two Honda 2000's togethert to produce additional power to opperate AC as well as other equipment in trailer. Also where to get equipment (Pig tails) How much power will I produce by linking together?


I'll tell you what I did. If you search some of the other RV websites you can find numerous posts on this issue as well as photos. Some hookups are fairly elaborate, my setup is not so elaborate but is very functional.

I purchased a 30 amp female cord end from camping world. I used two 3' pieces of 12 ga 3 conductor wire, installed polarized plugs on the end of each piece of wire. Some have bought the short ready made cords with preinstalled polarized plugs and a 3 outlet receptacle that they cut off and discard. I then hooked the wires together and connected them to the female 30amp plug. The 12 ga wire with outer insulation wouldn't fit so I had to strip it and use electrical tape.

remember white wire to silver screw, black wires to the gold screws and green wires to the green screws or ground screw.

Install one plug in each generator and then start them one at a time.
Important to remember that if either plug is removed from a generator while the other is running that it will be HOT!

Confused? If so search on some of the other sites, 2 users with useful posts are named NH_Bob and Pulltoy.

Good luck.

forgot to add they are rated for 1600 watts each continous, 2000 surge, combined 3200/4000 watts. Have operated my 15,000 btu AC and microwave at the same time.


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Linking 2 EU2000 together will give you 4000 watts (33 amps) maximum and 3200 watts (26.7 amps) rated output. Generally you will want to keep it at or below rated output at least 90% of the time.

For pictures, see

There are 3 sources of the synch cords:

1) Honda dealer (expensive, may require an adapter to use, and with a potential safety problem). For instance, Mayberrys has the original one (needs an adapter) or one with a 30 amp RV socket for $275. Whether the 30 amp one is from Honda or made by someone else, I don't know. The safety problem is that it is possible to hook them up with 'reversed' polarities, which can lead to dangerous conditions if you use any of the regular outlets on the generators. To overcome this, label the leads for polarity, and hook them up the same way every time.

2) 'Aftermarket' dealer (cheaper, maybe $175, but who knows what you are getting) For instance,

3) Make one yourself for around $50 or less. The one shown here overcomes the reversed polarity problem of the Honda box by using polarized plugs. Also puts the power output on the protected side of the internal breakers. Although it takes more force to pull out one of these plugs than the banana plugs that Honda uses, if one does come out, it will be 'live' and unshrouded (at least the Honda plugs are shrouded so it is harder to come in contact with a live plug). I also note that there appears not to be any mechanical protection keeping the cords into the receptical box except for the screw attachment to the socket. OK if you treat it very gently, but could be a problem in the real world...