I am buying a new fifth wheel. All of the generators which are large enough to run a big 5'r are too big to lift. I was thinking of two Honda 2000 gennys hooked together to balance the weight and up the output. Any suggestions?

Check out the new Kipor gensets. They are Hondas built in china. the cost is a lot less.

You can't hook generators up together like you can batteries. AC works different. You will have to split your breaker box to run part of your rig off one and the other part off the second. You would be better off with a large single genset able to power the whole rig permenantly mounted.


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Unless of course you get the Honda EU series generaters which ARE designed to be hooked in parallel using a special cord which is over $200 from Honda. Some people in this forum (I think it was this one, but might have been IRV2) came up with a do it yourself version for around $50. Lots of people use this setup for quiet, easy to move and store, power. (Which is also easy to steal, unfortunately).

Generator technology has changed quite a bit in the past few years. Today we have severeal generators with out gen sets at all. these new type, for lake of a better word, use "Inverter's" to convert the DC current to AC current and thus can be used in parallel to double the out put of a single generator. There are many advantages to this system, the generators are quiter and turn at slower speeds most of the time. The Honda EU 2000 as an example is amazing as to how quite and versatile it is.

I have owned two of the EU2000 for some time now. While i built my own parallel cables for much less than $50.00 seldom have i found the need to use both generators on my 34 ft 5er when i owned it. One of the EU 2000 worked just fine running the air alone are most of the appliances if you didn't double up on the Micro Wave and my wifes curling iron at the same time. The times I did need both generators was at altitude were one 2000 watt generator was just not enough. Most of the time it worked just great.

Now with my new Motor Home i have little need for the smaller generators, as it came with a Diesel Gen Set installed. i do however seem to always load the two Hondas just in case.