we have a tt. dry camp most to the time for up to 4 days at a time. are thinking about a portable generator. Honda yamaha what are you all using?


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I bought a Yamaha 2600 whatt, for $1200 ran it for 2 weeks streight-no problems. It ran everything including the microwave. had to unplug the battery charger to run the ac. It is 75lbs.
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why did you unplug the battery charger? I know this is several months later, we bought a 2400 watt yamaha, had some trouble at first, a wire came loose inside the gen. dealer finally figured it out,, works fine now, have used it some camping, mostly dry camping like before, use the gen for a couple of hours in the afternoon to charge batt. watch tv, and stuff we cant do on 12v. Have made a double male ext cord, to use at home when we have powerouts, MAKE SURE TO SHUT OFF THE MAIN BREAKER,,, can run the freezers and fridge..
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who builds these Kipors I keep seeing? are they any good, how about service? they certainly are less expensive! Thanks for any input.
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Kipor generators are made by Kipor, a Chinese company. We sell quite a few a year and have had good luck with them. Will do the same as the big name generator and save you money.


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The Kipors noise level is as good as the Honda or Yamaha, heard them run side by side with comparable units and they are as quiet or maybe better. Have not heard bad about them, except for one, it blewup right off the bat and the dealer replaced it(second hand talk here).

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I will gladly give you a price in a private message or e-mail....I don't do that on the open forum. Contact me!!

AH what the hell, everyone else does....A 3000 Kipor sells for $1,495.00. When I can get a factoryrefurbished one, $1,100.00. Same 2 year warranty on both. One year on battery. Will do the same job as the Red one, but I aint saying who!!