Well took my first extended trip with the new batteries and inverter. Everything went great including the power requirements. I put two Trogan T 145's coupled to a Coleman 2000/4000 watt inverter and we had plenty of power. Now the the longest we were dry camping was two days. There was some heat needed but just in the morning so that helped.

The question is generators. I know that Honda makes a good one but is there someone else that makes a good quiet generator without the price of the Honda? The reason for the gen is to keep the batteries up for longer periods of dry camping. Better to keep em up that run em down and then try to charge em.

Anyone use different gensets with good results. This is not a built in gen. I want a portable one.

Thanks for the help


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If you want a good generator, you can find decent ones which are cheaper than the Honda. If you want a quiet generator, you need to go with Honda or possibly Yamaha, which will likely be about the same price...