Geocaching anyone?

Are there any Geocachers on the forum? I am pretty new to the sport. I placed my first cache this weekend and I am still waiting for approval. I have found that there are caches hidden all around where I live and where we camp. West Virginia has almost 300 caches. If your interested in finding out more about this sport check out

For those that have been geocaching for a while Id like to hear what are some of the interesting finds you have made?

Geocaching anyone?

Chris:I am reading your post on Geocaching and I read the part-About Geocaching-But you know what?I dont have a clue as to what i read!!!GL :angry: :disapprove: :question: :question:
Geocaching anyone?

I guess you're not familiar with geocaching. All you do is go hiking, following your GPS to a point. Find the cache. A cache is a box with items in it. You take one item and leave one item then sign the logbook to let them know you were there. Then when you get back home go to and post that you have found that cache. It makes hiking a little more interesting. I hope this helps.

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Geocaching anyone?

Brushpopper, there is quit a bit of it goes on around here and have always wanted to try it out but, haven't got a GPS yet but, I probably couldn't read one of them anyway :)
Geocaching anyone?

I have been Geocaching for a couple years. Not real heavy just whenever I find one located near an area I am traveling while 4 wheeling here in Colorado. I have found them in caves, wedged between boulders and while hiking at the end of box canyons. A nice side excursion to the normal trip. We usually all sign the guest log and sign and leave a dollar bill.


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Geocaching anyone?

Hi I want to try it here in N.J. I do not have a GPS yet. The one I want is the Street Pilot, That talks to you. We have friends in Texas that are into it. It sounds like fun. Try it if you have the right tools to do it.
Geocaching anyone?

I purchased my GPS at

I LOVE my Garmin V...and GPSnow includes alot of extras...and the shipping was FAST!! The Garmin e-Trex that he talked about above starts at $99 :cool: (I dont work for GPS now either :bleh: Just a happy customer :laugh:

The only thing Id do differently, is get one with more memory, as I find Im always having to take maps off to add others.


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Geocaching anyone?

RR614 This sounds like a high tech scavenjour hunt. Sounds like fun.[8) I bet this could be used on the road also for full-timers on the road. It would give them more places to go and would be adventurous.