Georgetown windshield

Louis Cherry

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Frank Spieth,welcome to the club.My 370 xl is back to the factory for the third time. They do have a front cap problem. It is raked to the right side at the top,that is why the windshield on the left side[drver side] will crack in the curve top. Like I said mine is at the factory now for the third time. The first time in Jan. 06 they tried pulling the cap over and glueing the gasket to the fiberglass and the windshield to the gasket. July 06 the glue came loss and the gasket pulled away from the fiberglass at the top. Back to the factory Aug.06 they pluged the gaps with black urthain, and replaced the gasket. This pulled lose top right about six inches. I worked it back in with the front stablizers. It went back Sept. 06 to be returned Oct. ,we will see. There several others with the same problem 04 & 05's