Georgia Mnts.

C Nash

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Just returned from 3 weeks in the Ga Mnts and had a great time. Stayed the frist two at Doll Mnt COE park and did the vol. clean up which was a half day for two free nights, all the pizza you could eat, free drinks and Ice Cream for lunch and a free tee shirt. Really enjoyed the stay at the park. Think we rode every dirt rd and paved in the Blue Ridge Elijay area. Even got to see a mule train come through Elijay. Spent the last week at Mckenny COE at cartersville on Altoona Lake. Both ar great parks with electric and water hook up and some with 50 amp. Think Doll might have 3 or 4 with full hook up but they are off the lake. The lakes were very low but I had a ball walking the shores looking for old lures and arrowheads. Even found a old outboard motor. Guess it wouldn't start for someone and they threw it overboard:angry:

DL Rupper

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Re: Georgia Mnts.

Not sure they threw it overboard. Back when I was young and was known to induldge in a few beers, I was out in my 14 ft fishing boat doing stupid drunk figure 8's at full speed and my 4 hp motor torqued itself loose from the motor mount on one side and almost went in the lake. :eek: