Georgie Boy and Me

Tim Haake

New Member
Hi everybody. I talked myself into buying a 1987 Georgie Boy and now see the pains of what can possibly turn out to be a money pit! Anyway I do like it and it runs well. I am the third owner and there were sufficent records to verify the mileage. My biggest issue at the moment is to find info on the model I have which is called a Cruise Master but when I look at that model on the internet the Cruise Master is a Class A coach and my Cruise Master LM is built on a 1987 Ford chassis. The new Georgie Boys call their Class C RVs built on Ford chassis a Maverick I think. Well anyway I am not sure what I bought Class A or Class C. Not that that matters since what I really need the most is operating instructions and most needed a wiring diagram.

If anyone can point me in he correct direction it sure would help. Are tere any members of tis forum that own an older Georgie Boy? I found a real nice website for he Georgie Boy but no one monitors it after no response to many requests.