Getting a new travel trailer

HELP!!! My family is wanting to by a travel trailer and I am so confused now that I shopped around. Can anyone help in finding a good travel trailer for the price. I have looked at everything from a Dutchmen to an Ameri-Cam. We would like something that has four bunks in the back and a Queen bed in the front. HELP FROM ANYONE WOULD BE APPRECIATED!!
Getting a new travel trailer

where are you located, what are you towing it with? are you going to haul atv's ? what price range are you looking at? just a few questions answered would help the friendly people in the forum help you out, there are people from all over the country in the forum and probably a few that have been in your shoes. good luck!
Getting a new travel trailer

I am from Colorado, we have two trucks to tow. One is a F250 and the other is a 7.3 Disel Excursion. We will not need if for towing ATV's, just use for our family to get away from the city! Thanks for your help!