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Clive Smith

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Trying to find an American rv forum based in Australia is proving to be quite a problem. Google seems to revert back to Australia after a short while. I'd like to know:
* Can one get a Visa for 6-12 months
* is there a website where one can find used rv's for sale
* as a non-resident can one register and insure a vehicle
* how difficult is it to sell the rv at the end of a trip
* are there models to avoid and some which may be recommended
* coming from Oz, is it best to find something on the west coast near a major airport eg.LA
* I'm assuming fuel is cheaper than in Europe, but what fuel efficiency can one typically expect from a class C rv.

The main question is getting a reliable 'affordable' rv and would like to start travelling in April.

Thanks to all for any advice given (much appreciated)
Clive Smith


New Member
I can give you advice. Nowadays, getting a visa has become much more difficult than before. This is due to the tense situation around the world in connection with the raging virus. As a result, many countries closed their borders and now getting a visa to another country has become much more difficult. But I am sure that can help you with this.
Even in such difficult times, this visa center will certainly help you. This has helped me out many times. I’m sure they will help you too!