Getting Started

Clive Smith

New Member
Trying to find an American rv forum based in Australia is proving to be quite a problem. Google seems to revert back to Australia after a short while. I'd like to know:
* Can one get a Visa for 6-12 months
* is there a website where one can find used rv's for sale
* as a non-resident can one register and insure a vehicle
* how difficult is it to sell the rv at the end of a trip
* are there models to avoid and some which may be recommended
* coming from Oz, is it best to find something on the west coast near a major airport eg.LA
* I'm assuming fuel is cheaper than in Europe, but what fuel efficiency can one typically expect from a class C rv.

The main question is getting a reliable 'affordable' rv and would like to start travelling in April.

Thanks to all for any advice given (much appreciated)
Clive Smith