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Hello from a couple just getting started! I retired last year(@61yrs)and in good health, and my wife will be retireing next fall. We live in Portland Or. We plan on taking off for an around the country site-seeing/fishing trip,next year, and plan to acquire a 1 ton dually pickup and camper to do so.
Been looking at trucks, but want some opinions other than the salesman's. Plan on buying truck first and then looking for a good used camper. Want to do back country camping , as well as developed parks.
1.) Dodge w/cummins, or Silverado w/ Duramax? New? What options?
2.)Camper: Lance, Artic Fox, Eagle Cap?
a.) 10' or 11'
b.) wet or dry bath
c.) want slider, but worth the potential problems?
These are probably enough questions for now. I'm looking forward to your responses to these "Newbies", and I expect they will generate even more! ....Thanks in advance War-War


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Getting Started


Rv's are like golf clubs. You have to pick the one that feels best to you whereas the next person would not think your choice valid for them. I would suggest that you go to the Dodge, GM, and Ford dealerships, but take what the sales reps say with a grain of salt. Get the literature and study it yourself. Then come back and ask them the important questions. Both truck reps and RV reps will say anything to make the sale.

I would go to several RV shows to see what the different manufacturers have to offer. The reps at these shows usually are more knowlegeable than the reps at the dealerships, but as with the trucks, pick up all the literature that you can find, study it, and then come back with your questions.

An informed customer is a smart consumer, and good luck!