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Hello from a couple just getting started :laugh: I retired last year(@61yrs)and in good health, and my wife will be retireing next fall. We live in Portland Or. We plan on taking off for an around the country site-seeing/fishing trip,next year, and plan to acquire a 1 ton dually pickup and camper to do so.
Been looking at trucks, but want some opinions other than the salesman's. Plan on buying truck first and then looking for a good used camper. Want to do back country camping , as well as developed parks.
1.) Dodge w/cummins, or Silverado w/ Duramax? New? What options?
2.)Camper: Lance, Artic Fox, Eagle Cap?
a.) 10' or 11'
b.) wet or dry bath
c.) want slider, but worth the potential problems?
These are probably enough questions for now. I'm looking forward to your responses to these "Newbies", and I expect they will generate even more! ....Thanks in advance War-War

Don Warfield


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Getting Started

Buying the truck first puts an absolute limit on the weight of the camper that you get. This is not necessarily a problem, but should be kept in mind. Would be obnoxious to find the perfect camper, which is just 100 pounds too much for your truck to handle...

I don't know about slides in campers, but slides in trailers are worth their weight in gold. Considering that campers are even smaller than trailers, I'd seriously consider getting them. My rule is that I have to be able to take a nap, use the can and get a meal with the slide NOT extended. There will almost certainly be some time when you need to use your camper and not be able to extend the slide(s).