GM 6.2 diesel Motorhome


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Would like imput about a 6.2 GM diesel in a 27 foot pace arrow, how do they do, I know it is not a powerful beast but will it get me there and back. Found a mid 80's Pace Arrow ,low miles ,great shape but it has the 6.2 in it. Anybody out there that has experience with this set up or a 6.2 diesel in other motorhomes. How is it on power,fuel mileage and reliability and would it be up to towing a small car. All imput welcomed :bleh:

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GM 6.2 diesel Motorhome

Hi slow-canoe. welcome to the forum, the 6.2 is a fairly dependable engine, but has very little power, in fact it has less HP & torque than a Chevy 350 gas engine, it is closer to the old Chevy 305, you maybe be able to tow a Goe or Geo tracker on the flats, don't expect more than about 10 / 11 mpg, and don't expect to go much over 55 to 60 mph. Make sure the radiator is in good condition as overheating can be a problem. Good luck with the search.
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