GM P-30 Front brake woes

Are you having trouble with your GM P-30 Class A motorhome front disc brakes? Pulling one way or the other when applied? Wears brake pads out early? squealing? Heat up? Seems like they are dragging? Check the brake hose support bracket,it might be restricting fluid flow. What happens is the bracket rusts and swells up or in this case in and clamps down on the hose choking off or restricting flow. As an ASE coach mechanic we are seeing this more and more often lately. What's the fix you ask? New hoses of course, but in a pinch (no pun) pry open the bracket and let the fluid flow. Hope this helps out. Ed :cool:


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GM P-30 Front brake woes

Is your post related to my post on front disc brakes squealing? If so, does your explanation still apply if I only have 9,200 miles on them (Original pad I'm sure)?
GM P-30 Front brake woes

Archer, the quick way to check the brake hose bracket for being swelled up and causing brake problems is to jack up one front wheel at a time, off the ground so the wheel spins free. Have someone apply the brakes, make sure the wheel is now not able to spin (normal) then have them release the brakes and the wheel should spin as free as it did before the application. If this is the case the bracket is ok. Your problem sounds like just a simple case of squealing which can be solved as you have learned in this forum. Good luck, Safe traveling. Ed