GM to close 4 Truck/SUV Plants U.S.

DL Rupper

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I just heard on the news that GM is closing 4 truck/suv plants in the US. I Wonder how this will impact the 5th wheel/TT Industry and RV'ers that tow.? Glad I have my Diesel pickup.

Kenneth, you seem to know what's going on with the GM diesels. Have you heard anything about the future of the BIG pickups?


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Re: GM to close 4 Truck/SUV Plants U.S.

DL, Ken I heard they was closing due to the high price of gas & fuel and the dealers wasn't selling them like they was last year. I heard this from a new car manager at Bill Heard Chevolet. Also they are advertizing new 1/2 & 3/4 trucks with $10,000 off the price just to move them.