GMC factory class III hitch problems?


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The first time I pull the new travel trailer I end up with a hitch that is bent upward. I am told that this is a common problem with GM and even if I could get them to fix or replace the hitch it would end up with same problem. The truck has z71 and tow package with a min gvwr of 7400-8400. The conquest gulfstream is only 4390 ucw and max of 7490 gvwr. I am not pulling over 6100. Do I have a resolve that I can get with GM? Have any of you had a similiar problem? I already put a drawtite max on it and took the GMC hitch off as I was extremely worried about using it. Also use drawtite for trailer with leveling bars and anti sway bar. It pulls beautifully with it. Would appreciate any response as I am going to try to get GM to pay for this problem as they refused to fix it period. It is a 2003 with 10,000 miles on it. It had 8000 before the trip. Maiden voyage to be sure. Happened withing a 100 miles of the trip. The truck is the 5.3 so it is right truck for that trailer. Thanks