C Nash

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Finally, Betty and I are going camping :laugh: . Talked my 103 year old Mother in law into going with us and will also take my 88 year old mother :eek: . Lets see, that gives us 315 years of experience between us to check out the new MH. One thing for sure if you see this mh rocking it's ok to come knocking cause it'll only be the wind ;) Will be traveling through the North Ga mountains and hope the foliage has some good color. If you see a HR vacationary with Al licenes drop by and say hello :cool: . If you are meeting me watch out because that better half is always telling me I'm to close to the edge so I might be in the middle of the road :blackeye: If you are behind us be patient remember, I'm taking orders from three WOMEN :8ball: Now if I can just keep her from backing out on us :)