Going Fulltime

Hey Y'all:
I'm new here so HELLO to all. Wife and I plan to RV full-time in July - house is already sold. Like others, plan to summer up here in Ontario, Canada and travel the south and visit families in CA in winter. Has anyone any experience with Pace Arrow? We're looking seriously at the 36D model with the full wallslide (plus bed slide)and workhorse chassis and Chevy vortec 8.1, V8. Any tips you can give a 'newbie' would be greatly appreciated.
Going Fulltime

Since the full wall slide is new you may want to wait and let them work out the bugs first. There will be some. What I am conserned about is roof line sag after a few years of being on the road. This could cause lots of problems with the slide out operation. Are they prestressing the beam at the roof line? I haven't seen any info on that yet.
Going Fulltime

Yes, I can appreciate anything 'new' re: bugs, etc. I was told that there is a steel support on top. I have more checking to do but you know women - 'it looks fine and I like it, I really like it!!!!!!'.
Actually, I do to.